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Our Services

Now… it’s time to bring your ideas to life.

Your bathroom renovation will require meticulous planning, an eye for detail, our combined creativity… and yes, some banging and sawing in your home to bring it all to life.

Over the years, we’ve learned to keep you up-to-date with all aspects of the process so you are confident everything is running to schedule.  That way, you can plan exactly when you’ll have that first hot steaming bath or feel the luxury of your spa jets massaging your cares away.

Here’s how we operate…

  • First, let’s get together in your home so you can explain your likes and frustrations with your current bathroom.  This will help us to formulate initial design concepts to suggest while gaining an understanding of the project outcome you’re looking for.

  • Now let’s put those creative ideas on paper so we both know exactly how the project will look upon completion.  This is the time to specify fixtures and fitting and pin down cabinetry, shower and spa positioning and design.  Make sure you’re happy with how it looks on paper because that’s how the finished result will look too!

  • Time to get to work!  We’ll remove all the unwanted elements of your bathroom to make way for the installation of the new items you have selected.  This phase also includes any plumbing and electrical wiring additions or alterations required.

  • Waterproofing is essential in bathrooms so we’ll take meticulous care to see this vital component is done right the first time.  It will save a whole of lot of trouble later on.

  • Tiling and splashback installation will ensure the areas immediately around faucets are complete and look as you stipulated in the design phase.  We’ll also ensure your floor and walls are buffed and have that five star resort appeal.

  • Remember that banging and sawing?  It does make a mess!  But don’t worry – that’s ours to clean up and we’ll do it thoroughly so your new bathroom is ready for you to enjoy.

So go grab that bottle of Champagne you’ve been saving for a rainy day and pop the cork.  It’s time to soak in your new tub and toast this glorious new bathroom you can call your own.