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The Wedi Shower System

  • Total Installation time = 3 hours to ready for tile vs. 5 days of installation and drying times

  • Confines all installation/cutting/mixing work to the immediate shower area

  • Naturally water and mould proof throughout the entire core thickness of wedi material

  • Lightweight handling, easy and clean cutting with Stanley knife on site of installation

  • Strong backing performance in 10 mm on walls - yet flexibility sufficient to protect from tile cracking

  • Modular system installation process allows successful waterproofing and visual inspection prior to tiling

  • No risk of cracks and/or pinholes as with liquid waterproofing membranes

  • No risk of delamination/bond failures as with liquid waterproofing membranes

  • Wedi is the first full shower system that has achieved CodeMark certification in Australia with a 10 year warranty - from one manufacturer